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Fit2Go Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems

Some of the most recent accident and safety statistics we have seen make for sobering reading.

Trailer and vehicle tyres are one of the most vital elements of vehicle safety and these statistics have shown that:

Under-inflated tyres also mean extra rolling resistance which results in:

This will also mean additional expense for fuel and tyres as well as the safety concerns above.


Thus, we have begun selling Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS). Originally developed for HGV and commercial use, it became apparent these would be equally useful for domestic trailers and vehicles and the market for these has soared since.

Fit2Go systems are the newest TPMS on the market and we at Trident Towing are pleased to now be stockists of this excellent, innovative system.

The innovation in Fit2Go Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems is the sheer simplicity and ease of use. Where other systems need additional power supplies, cables, extra programming and extra settings the Fit2Go is just a case of placing the receiver on your windscreen and fitting the pressure sensors to the tyre valves.

Just take the adhesive sticker off the back of the display unit/receiver and fit to the inside of the windscreen. The receiver is small, the icons are easy to read and the “tax disc” shape means it can fit where the tax used to be displayed. A solar panel on the back of the receiver provides the power and means no extra cables and power supplies are needed.

Then simply make sure the tyres are correctly inflated and fit the tyre pressure sensors directly to the tyre valve with the locking nuts and spanner provided.

The sensors will calibrate using the current pressure in the tyres, and connect with the receiver. You are then good to go. That’s it!


Fit2Go will activate if:

  • A tyre drops below, or rises above 25% of the original pressure;
  • If tyre pressure drops faster than 3% per minute (fast leakage / puncture);
  • If the tyre temperature rises above 90 degrees centigrade.

In the event of an incorrectly inflated, or high-temperature tyre, the appropriate warning icon on the receiver will flash and there will also be a beep alarm. The tyre pressure sensor on the tyre at fault will flash red using built-in LED lights for easy identification.


An excellent feature of the Fit2Go system is that it can work with up to 8 sensors simultaneously which makes it perfect for trailer tyres too. All four car tyres and up to 4 tyres on a twin-axle trailer can be monitored.

As with the initial installation, fitting additional sensors is as easy as possible. Just make sure the additional tyres have the correct pressure and fit the sensors to the tyre valves to have them calibrate automatically with the receiver.


We now have the Fit2Go system, the additional sensors and replacement receiver units online:

Original Pack (receiver, 4 x tyre pressure sensors, locking wheel nuts, fitting spanner):

Additional pack of 2 sensors:

Replacement Receiver Only:

This is an excellent system and we believe it’s ease of use will make this a popular safety product and make vehicle driving and trailer towing a safer proposition on UK roads.


Many thanks for choosing us at Trident Towing in Maidstone, Kent.

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