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Monthly Archives: March 2017

How do I Choose the Correct Trailer Jockey Wheel?

INTRODUCTION One of the most common replacement parts we get asked for at Trident Towing Kent are complete jockey wheels, as well as the replacement jockey wheels on their own. The jockey wheel is one of the most vital pieces of trailer equipment and allows the caravan or trailer to be easily moved from place to place whilst unhitched from … Continue reading

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How to Load a Motorcycle Trailer – a Guide

INTRODUCTION Here at Trident Towing Kent our hire fleet motorcycle trailers are becoming popular, especially as the motorcycling season draws near and the weather begins to warm up. However, if you are not used to loading a motorbike on a trailer the process can be fraught and the potential for an accident or bike damage can arise. As a continuation … Continue reading

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Trailer Pre-Journey Checks – A Guide

INTRODUCTION When on the road, a trailer should be viewed as a vehicle with the same maintenance and safety concerns as a car, lorry, van etc. If anything should go wrong with a trailer whilst on a journey there could be considerable consequences as a result. To provide peace of mind, we would highly recommend checking your trailer before each … Continue reading

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