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Thule Buyers Guide

The Thule Buyers Guide is a system which allows you to search for your vehicle, showing you which thule products fit your car. We are the first supplier in the UK to have the Thule buyers guide integrated into our website. Thule Bike Racks We have various models of Thule Cycle Carrier to suit any specification of vehicle.  Whether it’s … Continue reading

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How to Load a Motorcycle Trailer – a Guide

INTRODUCTION Here at Trident Towing Kent our hire fleet motorcycle trailers are becoming popular, especially as the motorcycling season draws near and the weather begins to warm up. However, if you are not used to loading a motorbike on a trailer the process can be fraught and the potential for an accident or bike damage can arise. As a continuation … Continue reading

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Trailer Pre-Journey Checks – A Guide

INTRODUCTION When on the road, a trailer should be viewed as a vehicle with the same maintenance and safety concerns as a car, lorry, van etc. If anything should go wrong with a trailer whilst on a journey there could be considerable consequences as a result. To provide peace of mind, we would highly recommend checking your trailer before each … Continue reading

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How to Load a Car Transporter Trailer – A Guide

INTRODUCTION In our previous website blog we went over the different types of ratchet straps, and the correct use of them when loading and un-loading trailer goods. It seems good that we should then progress from that blog to one with more specific trailer loading information for different trailer types. Car transporter trailers are one of the most popular trailers … Continue reading

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Trailer Ratchet Straps – A Guide

Ratchet straps are a vital trailer accessory. Able to be used for almost any type of trailer load from pallets to cars and motorcycles, they are not just hugely versatile but also vital for trailer and trailer load safety. When strapped down to the trailer, the load cannot move about to cause trailer handling problems and potential accidents, and there … Continue reading

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Which Tow Bar Electrics are Best for My Car?

This is a more vital question than ever now and one of the most common questions we get asked at Trident Towing Kent. Vehicle technology has almost completely changed in recent years and tow bar electrics have had to change as a result – going from universal relays to specialised, vehicle specific kits.   UNIVERSAL ELECTRICS – AN OVERVIEW These … Continue reading

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Fit2Go Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems

Some of the most recent accident and safety statistics we have seen make for sobering reading. Trailer and vehicle tyres are one of the most vital elements of vehicle safety and these statistics have shown that: 62% of vehicles on the road are running on incorrectly or under-inflated tyres; Tyres which are so under-inflated to be classified as dangerous are … Continue reading

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Which Tow Bar is Best for My Car?

TABLE OF CONTENTS: Introduction Enquiries with Trident Towing Towbar Manufacturers Fixed Flange Tow Bar Fixed Swan Tow Bar Detachable Swan Tow Bar Detachable Flange Tow Bar Retractable Tow Bar RMC Tow Bar INTRODUCTION At Trident Towing Kent, one of our biggest business areas is in fitting tow bars to customer cars and vans. Our workshop team is highly experienced and … Continue reading

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Which Wheel do I Need for My Trailer?

This is one of the most common questions we have from our customers, especially at this time of year where owners are looking to get their caravans and trailers ready for the seasons ahead. Wheels and tyres are the most vital element of the trailer and it is essential that you have the correct ones fitted when it comes to … Continue reading

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June 2015 changes to the UK driving licence

What changes are happening to the driving licence? From 8 June 2015 the DVLA will no longer issue green paper counterpart licences and existing documents will no longer be valid. The paper counterpart displays details not included on the photocard including vehicle categories and any penalty points or disqualifications. From June 8th these extra details will solely be held on the … Continue reading

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UK driving licence changes