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Caravan Wheels and Tyres


As well as stocking trailer wheels and tyres, we at Trident Towing in Maidstone, Kent also have a large selection of caravan wheels and caravan tyres.

Whether you have a caravan made by Bailey, Bessacarr, Buccaneer, Elddis, Lunar, Sprite, Swift or any other caravan manufacturer, we will get a wheel and tyre for you.

As the sole point of contact between the caravan and the road, it is vital to have a set of top condition wheels and tyres fitted to your caravan to ensure a trouble-free and relaxed caravanning trip.

We would highly recommend having a spare wheel and tyre, and our stock features standard steel rims which are perfect for this purpose.

We would also recommend routinely checking the caravan tyre condition for any faults, sidewall cracks, missing tread and tyre wear. If you have a tyre which is more than 5 years old it is highly advised to replace it. 

Below is an easy-to-follow guide to caravan rim and caravan tyre sizing to help you in sourcing the correct ones for your requirements.which is more than 5 years old it is highly advised to replace it.


You can also see our wheel and tyres blog which is a more in-depth version of the below guide.


Caravan Wheels vs Car Wheels:

Our stock of caravan wheels and caravan tyres are specially designed for purpose and we would highly discourage using a standard car wheel to use in place of a caravan wheel.

The wheels and tyres on a caravan need to be of higher strength than an equivalent car wheel, especially if the caravan in question is a single-axle (meaning each wheel has to cope with half the weight of the caravan).

As well as this, a caravan wheel and tyre is subject to more road shock from surface bumps and irregularities than a car wheel as the car suspension is more advanced and more pliable.



To ensure you get the correct wheel and tyre for your caravan, we would need to know a few measurements and sizes; these are easily found from looking at the wheel and tyre markings.


Caravan Tyre Size

Almost all modern caravans have tyres made from a radial construction using steel core plies and steel belts.

An example of a common caravan tyre size would be 155/80R13.

The 155/80R13 denotes a 155mm tyre width and a height of 80% of the tyre width (80% of 155mm = 124mm height), which fits a 13 inch wheel rim.

Tyre Load Rating and Speed Rating Index

These show the weight capacity and the speed rating that the caravan tyre has been tested safely to. This is shown with a number and letter, such as 84N.

The load and speed rating capacity is found by looking at the image below, which can also be downloaded here from our website


From this we can see that an 84N rated tyre has a load rating of 500kg and a speed rating of 87mph/140kmh.


Pitch Circle Diameter

The Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD) is the diameter between the wheel stud or wheel holes.

Your caravan will have either a 4 or 5-hole pattern and there are different ways for each to determine the PCD of your wheel.

Please see our guide below to see how to measure the PCD, or click here to download to your computer:


4-hole caravan wheels are mostly 100mm or 5.5” (139.7mm);

5-hole caravan wheels tend to have a PCD of 112mm.




Caravan Wheel Size

The wheel sizing can be determined by finding identification markings on the rim itself.

The rim width and rim diameter can be found by a marking following this example pattern:


The “4.5” shows the width of the rim and the “13” shows the diameter of the wheel rim; both of these are inch measurements.

Please note that these are for the “inside width” and “inside diameter” as shown in the picture below, and do not include the size of the outermost flange of the caravan rim.

Caravan Rim Offset

This wheel measurement is the distance from the rim face where the wheel holes are to the rim centreline.

This is found by finding a marking on the wheel following the example pattern below:


This would denote an offset of 30mm from the wheel centreline.

The image below shows how the offset is calculated; “X” is the rim centreline and “B” is the offset itself.

The rim offset is crucial as this affects the distance of the wheel and tyre from the caravan body.

A wheel with the incorrect offset could possibly rub on the caravan body, or can foul the caravan mudguards.


Once you have this information above, just refer to the caravan wheels and tyres section on our website and select the one you require. Our online ordering is simple, fast and secure and we will send your item to you as soon as possible.


If you have any questions about the wheel and tyre sizes, or if you need a caravan wheel which isn’t listed, just contact us and we will help you straight away.


Thank you for choosing us at Trident Towing Kent