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Under-inflated tyres, or incorrectly inflated tyres, are one of the major traffic accident causes. Statistics have shown that 62% of vehicles on the road are running on incorrectly or under-inflated tyres;and that tyres which are so under-inflated to be classified as dangerous are a factor in 40% of all vehicle-related KSI (Killed or Seriously Injured) casualties.

A way to instantly monitor tyre pressures and be alerted of low pressure or a puncture would surely be a great way to increase road safety and Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) are gaining popularity.

The Fit2Go Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems are the easiest and most intuitive TPMS available.

Where other systems need additional power supplies, cables, programming, sensor pairing and other complications, all you do with the Fit2Go is attach the display unit / receiver to your windscreen and fit the pressure sensors to the tyre valves.

The display unit / receiver is small, the icons are easy to read and a solar panel on the back of the receiver provides the power so no cables and power supplies are needed.

Inflate all the tyres to the correct pressure, then the pressure sensors just attach to the tyre valves with locking nuts. The sensors have LED lights fitted which flash to let you know which wheel is affected in the event of a system warning.

Fit2Go will warn you if a tyre changes over 25% of the original pressure, if a tyre pressure drops for than 3% per minute (indicating a puncture), and if the tyre temperature rises above 90C.

Instant, simple tyre monitoring.


Under-inflated tyres also mean extra rolling resistance which results in more fuel being spent. 15psi under-inflation can equal 6% greater fuel consumption; a 30% under-inflated tyre will have its’ life reduced by a third.

By using the Fit2Go TPMS to keep all tyre pressures in check, you are saving huge amounts of cash in vehicle fuel and in tyres.  

Another great Fit2Go feature is that it can work with up to 8 sensors simultaneously. When towing a trailer, you can now monitor the trailer tyres too. All four car tyres and up to 4 tyres on a twin-axle trailer can be monitored.


Again just make sure the additional tyres have the correct pressure, fit the sensors to the tyre valves and they will calibrate automatically. Easy, no fuss and you are ready straight away.



 Increase your safety on the roads and save money. The Fit2Go system is the market leading tyre pressure monitoring system



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