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Security Products


Caravan and trailer theft prevention is always a large concern for any owner and there is thankfully a wide range of trailer security options to suit your requirements and budget.

We supply trailer security items from only the most reputable manufacturers such as Bulldog Security, Purpleline and Stronghold. Many of these are Sold Secure approved and thus insurance approved, which can, in some cases, reduce your insurance quotation.


Because of the wide variety of options available here, there is no fixed answer as to which form of trailer security is best for you. We would recommend looking at your particular situation and considering some questions, and then making a decision from there.



Examples of some factors you would need to check would be:

  • Where is the trailer kept – outside or in a garage?
  • Are there any immovable objects the trailer is close to when not being used, e.g fround anchors or lamp posts?
  • Is the trailer left unattended on building sites / commercial sites for long periods of time?
  • How is the trailer coupled to the tow vehicle – with normal 50mm head or with eye coupling?
  • Is the caravan or trailer being kept in storage?
  • How quickly do you need to access the trailer when required?


PLEASE NOTE: Before making a decision on security products, we would recommend contacting your home insurance or trailer insurance company to find if they have any specific requirements for your policy. 

With the above in mine, please read on to see our short guide on the different options we supply.





Trailer Wheel Clamps


These are the one of the most common security devices and one of the most often requested type of security recommended by insurance companies.

These fit around the trailer wheel and tyre to stop the trailer being moved as the clamp prevents the locked wheel from turning.

You would need to know the size of the tyre on your trailer to ensure you get the correct wheel-clamp, as many will only fit a specific wheel size. However there are models which are a more universal fitting.

There are also trailer wheel clamps which are more secure but harder to fit and bulkier as a consequence, such as the Bulldog Titan range. In turn, there are models which are more prone to attack but are smaller, easier to fit and can be carried and stored easily, such as the Milenco universal clamp.


Caravan Wheel Clamps


Again these are a requirement for many caravan insurance companies. Caravan wheel clamps can also fit some trailers but are designed to also work with hubcaps and wheel covers which are present on many caravans. They are also not as bulky so are easier to fit under caravan mudguards and bodywork.

Security Tip: on a twin-axle caravan or trailer, ensure the wheel-clamp is fitted on the rear wheels and not the front. If on the front axle, the clamp can be lifted off the floor using the jockey wheel and the trailer can be taken away.


Hitch Locks

Alongside wheel clamps, a trailer hitch lock is the most popular security measure for caravans and trailers. As with the wheel clamps, you would need to know which model of coupling head you have on your trailer as these are mostly model-specific and cannot fit a different trailer hitch.

There are heavier-duty models which are larger and more secure but can only be fitted when the trailer is uncoupled from the car. An example of this is the Bulldog Hitchlock range. These are recommended for a caravan or trailer being kept in storage.

The other variation of hitch lock is where it can be fitted whilst coupled to the tow vehicle as well. The Bulldog Minilocks and Purpleline Saracen locks are great examples of this. These are not quote as secure as the heavier-duty locks above but are an excellent option if the caravan or trailer is at a service station or car park.


Eye Couplings

If your trailer has the commercial eye coupling / ring hitch instead of the normal 50mm coupling head, a trailer eye coupling lock is an excellent security measure if needing to leave the trailer unattended at building or commercial sites.

As per the wheel clamps and hitch locks above we would need to know which model of trailer eye coupling you have, as well as diameter of the inner hole on the coupling itself.

As with the traditional hitch lock, many trailer eye coupling locks are Sold Secure and insurance approved.


Chains and Padlocks


If you are able to position the trailer outside by an immovable object such as a fence or lamp post or if you have a ground anchor fitted in a garage or on a driveway, a combination padlock and chain is a great option.

Many of these, such as the Oxford range are Sold Secure and insurance approved – on these the padlocks are resistant to drill, hammer and pick attacks, whereas the chains are square link type and resistant to bolt croppers.  

Security Tip: if using a padlock and chain to secure your trailer, have the padlock suspended in the air and loop the chain around the ground anchor, trailer axle or other immovable object so the padlock cannot be moved to the floor.

Having the padlock resting on the ground makes it much more susceptible to hammer / chisel / drill attacks – with the padlock in the air it is very difficult for the padlock to get bypassed this way.


Security Posts


When fitted, a security post would be ideal for preventing your caravan or trailer being removed from a premises, and would be ideal if your trailer is kept on a driveway or forecourt.

There are many versions available, such as a Maypole one designed for easy surface installation (simply bolting to the floor and folding flat to the ground when needed), up to the Bulldog SA6 which is a full twin leg barrier to restrict access as much as possible.



Door Locks / Garage Locks


If your caravan or trailer is stored in a garage or lockup, we supply a range of additional door locks to prevent access.

These locks range from the simpler surface mounted ones such as the Bulldog GD20, to the Bulldog GD400 with a high-security Super Lock Bolt.

As well as this we also offer a van door lock, and a lock for traditional doors such as stables or tack rooms.


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