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Towbar Fitting - CAN Bus Wiring & Diagnostics

Compared to only a few years ago Vehicle technology has advanced in leaps and bounds, this has resulted in modern-day cars becoming literally a motorised computer fitted with a wide range of complicated safety features. Some of these features incorporate functions specific to towing a trailer or caravan in order to increase safety and towing efficiency. One example of this is the Trailer Stability Program (TSP) which works to correct any trailer snaking in crosswinds, and auto-levelling suspension which helps compensate for the trailer weight at the rear of the vehicle.

Gone are the days of individual wires in cars for each function these have now been replaced with computer technology called CAN Bus ("Controlled Area Network"), this is what makes these safety features possible. Instead of the old-style vehicle wiring using a large main wiring harness through a single ECU control unit, a CAN Bus system uses a control unit for each set of functions on the vehicle, connected by a single pair of wires. The CAN Bus system is therefore lighter, more efficient and allows all the more complex vehicle functions to interact and manage with one another as required.

As a result of this many modern vehicles now require a vehicle specific dedicated towing electrical kit which fits into the pre-installed connectors on the on the vehicle and communicates directly with the CAN Bus system. Fitting the old style universal electrics on to a modern vehicle can result in the towing safety functions not being activated.

When installing a vehicle specific kit the towing features are not pre-set at the factory so re-coding will be needed to ensure these functions are activated by way of a diagnostic computer that links directly to your vehicle.

Here at Trident Towing we have a specialist diagnostic computer which plugs into the vehicles' diagnostic socket and which can easily re-code the vehicles as required. We are fully qualified for fitting vehicle specific kits and have all the professional tools and equipment required & cover this with a 2 year warranty for you as part of the tow bar fitting service.

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