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Trailer Jockey Wheels and Spares

We stock a full range of trailer jockey wheels in all common sizes and to suit a wide range of trailer applications.


We sell replacement wheels, with plastic or steel centres and solid or pneumatic tyres.


We also sell replacement clamps, in most common sizes, and even commercial-duty clamps for ribbed jockey wheels.


There are also a wide range of accessories and spare parts available, including clamp parts, spring clips, spindles, and manouvering handles.




All complete jockey wheels are available in the following shaft diameters:

  • 34mm: For lightweight camping trailer use;
  • 42mm: For leisure trailers and small commercial trailers;
  • 48mm: For large commercial braked trailers;
  • 60mm: For heavy duty commercial trailers.





Replacement wheels will fit any modern jockey wheel, and come with:

  • Plastic or steel centres;
  • Solid rubber or pneumatic tyres;




Pressed steel and heavy-duty cast iron clamps usually come in the following sizes:

  • 34mm;
  • 42mm;
  • 48mm.

Along with commercial-duty cast iron clamps designed to fit with the serrated trailer jockey wheels.




  • Complete handle and pad kit;
  • Jockey wheel clamp handle (sold separately);
  • Jockey wheel clamp pad (sold separately).


Other spare parts and accessories include:

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