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Trailer and Caravan Jockey Wheels


Below is a brief guide about the trailer jockey wheel types available, and dimensions.

The main sizes are as follows:

  • 34mm: Used on the lightest-weight camping trailers.
  • 42mm: Used on larger leisure trailers and some light commercial trailers.
  • 48mm: Used on many commercial trailers.
  • 60mm: Used on the heaviest duty trailers.





Shaft Diameter:

This is the overall diameter of the jockey wheel outer sleeve as per the picture (left).

The correct size means jockey wheel has the appropriate strength for your trailer, and also fits into your existing clamp.






This is measured from the top of the jockey wheel handle to bottom of the wheel itself. 

If you are looking to change to a different length, there are some factors to bear in mind:

  • Boat Trailers: A longer length can interfere with the boat hull.
  • Caravan Bodywork: Many caravans have front compartments; a longer jockey wheel can prevent these opening.
  • Twin / Triple Axle Trailers: A longer length is needed to lift the front axle off the ground for easier trailer manoeuvring.





Serrated Outer Sleeve:

The serrated sleeve has anti-vibration qualities to help prevent the jockey wheel sliding down to the road during transport.










Retractable Jockey Wheel:

These do not need a clamp; the body bolts directly to the trailer A-Frame so there is no chance of the jockey wheel falling to the road during transport.

An “auto-fold” mechanism retracts the wheel upwards next to the sleeve and out of the way.








Nose-weight Jockey Wheel:

Used mainly on caravans and some commercial trailers, these have a built-in nose-weight gauge for loading a caravan or trailer where load distribution is vital for safe and stable towing.





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