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Tyre Pressure Monitors


Inflating your tyres to the correct pressures is vital to your safety on the road.


Under-inflated tyres affect vehicle control and grip, potentially causing irregular or unpredictable handling behaviour.  Tyres which are under-inflated are also more likely to suffer from a dangerous rapid deflation, especially on high-speed journeys.


Michelin TPMS and Michelin Tyre Pressure Checker are both designed to protect against poor tyre maintenance, which Department for Transport statistics reveal was the most common vehicle defect contributing to car accidents in Britain.  In 2017, 384 accidents were linked to illegal, defective or under-inflated tyres - more than defective brakes (316) and defective steering or suspension (204).


Michelin TPMS is a next generation retrofit solution for consumer motorists and comes as standard with four TMPS sensors, with four additional sensors available to enable drivers to monitor up to eight tyres on a single journey - making it ideal for towing.

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