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Trailer Winches


One of the most vital trailer accessories, trailer straps are essential for securing your valuable trailer load down in one place on the trailer to prevent road safety issues and to ensure your valuable goods do not get damaged from moving around during transit.

For cases where the trailer load needs to be winched on for securing down, we also stock an extensive range of trailer winches and trailer winch straps for easy, fuss-free loading and un-loading. 


At Trident Towing Kent, we have a wide range of straps and strap systems for any trailer load you need to transport; whether it be domestic use like holiday luggage or furniture, commercial use such as machinery and bulk goods, or cars and motorcycles we can find a solution for you.



Ratchet straps are an absolute essential and can secure any trailer load from pallets to holiday luggage, from cars and motorcycles to boats.

Below is a run-through of the straps available from us. We also have a website blog dedicated to ratchet straps which has additional tips for strap fitting and how to find the correct one for your requirements.

Standard Ratchet Strap:

We at Trident Towing supply these from 3 to 15 metre length and 25mm to 50mm width, with either metal claw hooks for strength and durability or S-Hook attachments which are plastic coated to prevent accidental damage to goods, trailers or car roof bars.


Standard Car Wheel Straps:


We supply these as a pack of 4, either with claw hooks or with swivel hooks.  A soft polyester sleeve fits over the front wheel rim; the strap fits through the sleeve loops and round the back of the wheel.

Overwheel Ratchet Straps:

Overwheel car ratchet strap systems fit directly over the top circumference of the tyre. This ensures that suspension parts at the back of the wheel are not affected and that there is no risk of wheel rim scuffing.

Motorbike Ratchet Straps:

These motorcycle ratchet straps fit over handlebars and strap the front of the bike down to the trailer with the black sleeve fitting over the top yoke to prevent any scuffing.


This strap is to secure the rear of the bike to the trailer and has a sleeve to prevent damage to the bikes’ saddle or bodywork.


1-Speed / 2-Speed Winches:


At Trident Towing Kent we also stock a selection of 1-gear and 2-gear manual trailer winches. These are ideal for small boat trailers and lightweight goods loading and un-loading.

Made by Fulton Winches, they feature one of the strongest gear systems on the market, a free-spooling function via a manual pawl and a high-quality zinc finish which has been extensively salt-spray tested, making these even more suitable for boat trailer use. These are designed to be used with winch straps.

For heavier loads, or loads with a long winching distance, we also sell 2-speed manual winches. By selecting the low speed for a greater pulling power, or the higher speed for faster loading, these winches make light work of many commercial winching tasks. Speed selection is done using a shift lock lever which doesn’t obstruct the winch handle.

We have 1-gear trailer winches in stock ranging from the smallest 600lb (272kg) to 1500lb (680kg) capacities, while the 2-speed ones are available from us from 1100lb (500kg) to 2680lb (1180kg) capacities.

Please note: These winches are for pulling purposes only and are not for vertical lifting applications.

Winch Parts:

We also sell in addition to the winches themselves a selection of winch accessories and spare winch parts.

We stock winch handles with a nut-and-bolt fitting, or a detachable fitting. We also sell pulley blocks which are ideal for car transporter trailers to ensure a straight line from the winch cable to the car being loaded.



As well as trailer ratchet straps for goods securing, we at Trident Towing stock trailer winch straps for safe, easy goods loading and un-loading.

Winch Straps:


Made to the same high standard as our ratchet straps, our stock of trailer winch straps have a 1000kg lashing capacity and are ideal for winching small boats and lightweight cars on and off your trailer.

Our winch straps feature a strong forged snap hook to easily clip to the trailer load. The other end of the strap is a sewn loop which fits over a fitting bolt on the trailer winch.


We sell these in 50mm width, and lengths from 4m to 10m.

Winch Cable:

For heavy duty electric winch use, or for some commercial-use 2-speed manual winches, a winch cable is required.

Made from strong, durable galvanised wire rope. Some winch cables also feature a loop fitting at the cable end to attach a D-shackle for load attachment.

We have sizes from 3mm to 8mm available for fast and efficient dispatch to you.


If there are any queries about our ratchet straps, winch straps and trailer winches just contact us if you need and we will be of help straight away.

Thank you for choosing us at Trident Towing Kent.

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