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Tyre Wall Markings

If you need to find information about your trailer tyre you can look at your tyre wall and all the information you need will be there, heres a guide on how to read your tyre wall:

1 Tyre Size

      '195' is the width of the tyre in mm

      '65' the ratio of side wall to width

      'R' indicates radial ply construction

      '15' is the diameter of the wheel the tyre will fit

2 Confirms The Construction

3 Indicates Outside Face For Fitting

4 Load/Pressure (N/A UK)

5 Product Name

6 Tyre Construction Details (N/A UK)

7 European ECE Type, Mark & Number

8 N.America Compliance Markings (N/A UK)

9 Tread Wear Indicator

   Markings not shown on all tyres

10 Manufacturer

11 Country Of Manufacture

12 Tyre Quality Grading (N/A UK)

13 Speed Category

     Letter indicates the speed at which the tyre can carry

       the Load Capacity of the tyre (see seperate info sheet)

14 Load Capacity

     Maximum weight the tyre can carry at speed

       indicated by Speed Category (see seperate info sheet)

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