There is a multitude of lighting options and it can be confusing understanding what is required.  It varies from one trailer to the next and depends on the brand/manufacturer.  The first thing to remember are the Legal requirements as detailed below


Trailers must have on the back two red sidelights, two red stop lamps, an illuminated number plate and two triangular red reflectors plus amber indicators designed to flash between 60 and 120 times per minute. If the trailer is more than 1.3m wide, it must also have at least one red fog lamp. All trailers built after Sept 30th 1990 require front reflectors. They must have front reflectors and, if they are more than 1.6 metres wide, front position lights.

More info on the requirements can be found on the NTTA site, click here


Standard Rear Lights

Standard bulb lights with a multitude of functions which can include indicator light, stop light, position light, reverse light and fog light.  Each specification will detail exactly what is included with the light.  It will also display operating voltage and connection type.

This type of light is very common due to being cheaper than LED lights but won't last as long and may need parts replacing more regularly, i.e the bulbs.

Some combination lamps include a red triangle built into the design which is a legal requirement for trailers thus a simple way to be compliant with regulations.

LED Lights

 Similar in function to standard lights, LED lights offer longevity and a better quality than standard options.  This obviously means they are more expensive but still quick and easy to install.

Perfect for any new trailer build or as a simple upgrade or replacement to your existing trailer.

Again, some combination LED lights will include a red triangle for compliance with legal requirements.


Front and rear lights can be listed as LEFT or RIGHT hand configuration.  This has caused lots of confusion with customers in the past as they don't know if the left or right is looking from the front of the trailer or the back.  The key thing with our listings is to compare your existing light/lens that you want to replace with the image on our website.  The image shown will display EXACTLY the configuration that will be supplied.  So as long as the image matches your requirement, you don't need to worry if it states left or right.

Marker Lights

Marker lights for front, side and rear of the trailer.  Front marker lights are described as white or clear, side marker lights amber or orange, and rear lights are red.

Again these can be supplied as simple bulb style lights or LED's.

You can also purchase simple reflectors in the above colour options for front, side and rear of the trailer for added visibility.

Stalk Marker Lights

Offering greater visibility for the driver and others, stalk marker lights come in many shapes and sizes.  The main casing is usually made from rubber to prevent breakages and complete loss of the light should anything hit it.

Lighting Boards

Light Boards are a great alternative and all in one solution when towing.  Available in various combinations to suit any trainer and scenario, ensuring all legal requirements are adhered to.

Whether you use a light board or not, we would recommend keeping one as back up when using a trailer as it is an easy replacement should any lights break and need replacing.