Trailer LED Lighting Board 4ft Wide with 6m Cable MP254PLED


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Trailer Lighting Board 4ft wide with 6m Cable MP254PLED

LED lights are Light Emitting Diodes they use far less power but give off a brighter white light as well as being far more reliable & longer lasting. Upfront costs off set the ongoing saving & reliability of using LED functionality.

  • E Approved Lighting Components
  • Board length: 1.2m approx
  • Cable length: 6m approx
  • Electrics: 7 Pin (MP21B) 12 Volt
  • Lamps; 2 x LED, 4 function Lamps (Stop/Tail/Indicator/Number Plate) (MP8585BL/BR)
  • Reflectors: 2 x triangle (MP16B)
  • Manufactured in the UK

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