Trailer Profi Longlife Al-Ko Brake Cables – Detachable – 23.5mm Fitting

AL-KOSKU: 444002

Size: 350/526
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AL-KO PROFI Longlife Trailer Brake Cables – Detachable – 23.5mm Brake Drum Fitting – Plastic Coated Inner Cable

  • Designed for increased service life to save business time and money on trailer maintenance.
  • Ideal for boat trailers and livestock trailers which operate in harsh environments.
  • Outer cable is heavy-duty spiral cable with distinctive red plastic coating and PVC inner sleeve.
  • Inner cable is steel with high-quality plastic coating to prevent water and dirt ingress and protect against corrosion.
  • Plastic-coated cable, combined with inner PVC sleeve in outer cable reduces friction for improved trailer brake performance.
  • Fittings at both cable ends are zinc coated to resist corrosion.
  • Easily fits to ALKO brake drum backplates using a 23.5mm inner-diameter cup fitting and pressed steel inner nipple.
  • “Mushroom” nipple fitting at other end of cable fits straight away into an AL-KO slotted compensator.
  • Outer Cable (Red Cable Section) Length: 350mm - 1790mm 
  • Inner Cable (Plastic-Coated Steel Cable) Length: 966mm - 1986mm 
  • Brake Drum Fitting: “Trumpet” Shape Quick-Release Housing (23.5mm Inner Diameter, 27mm Outer Diameter)

Available in the following sizes:

  • 350mm - 526mm (247281)
  • 350mm - 546mm (247281-LL)
  • 530mm - 726mm (247282)
  • 770mm – 966mm (247283)
  • 890mm – 1086mm (247284)
  • 1020mm – 1216mm (247285)
  • 1130mm – 1326mm (247286)
  • 1320mm – 1516mm (247287)
  • 1430mm – 1626mm (247288)
  • 1620mm – 1816mm (247289)
  • 1790mm – 1986mm (247290)

Please note that the sizes shown are for the red outer cable only and then for the inner cable length.

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