Trailer Stainless Steel Brake Cables - Detachable Type - Alko Pattern Pronto Fit - 23.5mm Bell Housing

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Stainless Steel Trailer Brake Cables – Detachable Type - AL-KO Pattern - Pronto Fit - 23.5mm Bell Housing Size

  • Brake cable which links the trailer brake drum to the trailer compensator/central brake rod.
  • Stainless Steel inner cable will outlast standard cables and are ideal for boat trailer/commercial use.
  • Fits to brake drum backplate using a detachable bell fitting over the two backplate half-shells.
  • The inner cable at the brake drum end has a nipple to hook into the brake drum expander.
  • The other end of the inner cable has a “Pronto Fit” nipple end to fit into the modern slotted Knott compensators.
  • Please note these are non-maintenance items and should be regularly checked for kinks and sticking cables.
  • Outer Cable (Blue Cable Section) Length: 770mm - 1790mm 
  • Inner Cable (Stainless Steel Metal Cable) Length: 966mm - 1986mm 
  • Brake Drum Fitting: Bell Housing (23.5mm Inner Diameter, 27mm Outer Diameter)
  • Compensator Fitting: “Pronto Fit” nipple end – fits to AL-KO slotted compensator
  • Inner Cable Size: 3.5mm

Available in the Following Sizes:

  • 770-966mm (980206.02)
  • 890-1086mm (980206.03)
  • 1020-1216mm (980206.04)
  • 1130-1326mm (980206.05)
  • 1320-1516mm (980206.06)
  • 1430-1626mm (980206.07)
  • 1620-1796mm (980206.08)
  • 1790-1986mm (980206.09)

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