Unbraked Trailer Hub for Mini Wheels 4 Stud x 4" PCD


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 Indespension HU003 Un-braked Hub for Mini Wheels/Mini Stub Axles

  • To fit 10 inch genuine Mini Wheels with the large outside offset
  • 4 wheel studs with 4" (101.6mm) PCD (please see attached picture for measurement details)
  • Fits Mini stub axles/trailer suspension units with Mini size stub axles
  • To suit axles up to 550kg capacity
  • Made from cast iron
  • Complete with bearings, grease cap, wheel studs (already fitted) and wheel nuts
  • Load Capacity - For axles up to 550kg capacity
  • Number of Studs - 4
  • Stud/Nut Size - 3/8"
  • Stud Pattern - 4" PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter)
  • Stud/Nut Recommended Torque - 57Nm (42 lb/ft)
  • Outer Bearing - 07087X
  • Inner Bearing - 07087X
  • Oil Seal - SC20013731

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